Visitor Information Centre


The VIC is located on the Schomburgk Pavilion,

behind the SMEB and next to Diggers.

At the Visitor Information Centre (VIC) you should be able

to find friendly Volunteer Staff to help you with the Information you need.


The VIC is open 7 days (excluding Good Friday & Christmas Day) 

10am - 4pm.


At the Visitor information Centre you will find

  • Maps of the Adelaide Botanic Garden

  • Maps of the Wittunga Botanic Garden

  • Maps of the Mt Lofty Botanic Garden

  • Information Sheets on special Self Guided walks through the Adelaide Botanic Garden, including Australian Native Plant Trail.

  • Information on What is Happening in the Garden.

  • Exhibitions and events in the ABG

  • Wedding Locations in the Garden

  • Information on facilities in the Gardens



Guided Walks leave from the VIC at 10.30am each day excluding Good Friday & Christmas.


In accordance with the Heat Policy of the Gardens:

the VIC is CLOSED when the Temperature is forecasted to be 36C or more.

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